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2015/05 : CUNY’s Regional Governance & ICT Seminar

CUNY’s Regional Governance & ICT Seminar

■Introduction of the cloud softwear that supports structure and people required for Intra-regional supervision
■Some top Japanese companies in Singapore will join us. Do not miss this precious oppotunity!

1.”BEYOND” style organization and human resource developmaent that enable regional governance to be optimization and efficiency
■ Mr.Eiichi Morita (beyond global Pte. Ltd. MD)
2.Visual Communication that makes regional governance and collaboration actively
■ Mr.Naoki Mashita (V-CUBE Global Services Pte. Ltd. CEO)
3. HANDBOOK is able to make secure communication in region and projects
■ Mr.Youichirou Hirano (Infoteria Pte. Ltd. CEO)
4.Business analysis DB enable effects of regional investiment to be great
■ Mr.Ryousuke Shinno (UZABASE Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. CEO)